Difference between C and Python


In this Post you know the Difference Between C and Python and also know about the Introduction of C and Python.

What is C Introduction

C Introduction:- C is a middle-level language. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie. It has the simplicity of a high-level language as well as the power of a low-level language. This aspect of C makes it suitable for writing both application programs and system software. Thus it is an excellent, efficient, and general-purpose language for most the applications such as mathematical, scientific, business and system software applications.

What is Python Introduction

Python Introduction:- Python is a powerful and general programming language, developed by Guido Van Rossum(1989). Guido Van Rossum developed a python language at Mathematical Research Institute called ‘CWI’.

C and Python

Most people are calling python a scripting language because the way of developing python applications and execution of python applications is similar to that of scripting languages.

Difference between C and Python

   C                                                                            Python

  1. C is a general-purpose, procedural programming language. It does not contain features like classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism.
  2. C programs are faster
  3. A semi-colon is used to end the statement in C, while commas are used to separate expressions.
  4. We need to declare variables and arrays prior to the program.
  5. C has an extra do while loop in loops which is not present in python.
  6. C has a switch statement, and also has the concepts of pointers.
  7. We use calloc(), malloc(), etc to allocate memory dynamically.
  8. C supports multidimensional arrays.
  9. The variables in the for loop don’t increment automatically.
  10. It is known as compiled language.
  11. As C is, compiled language hence, its code is compiled directly to machine code which is executed directly by the CPU.
  12. In C limited number of functions are available.
  13. C is statically typed.
  14. C programs are saved with .c extension.
  15. C language is complex than python.
  16. Basic if statement in C is represented as:


  1. Python is an object-oriented programming language. It has all the features like classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism.
  2. Python programs are slower as compared to C.
  3. A new line is used to terminate the python program and a semi-colon is used as an expression separator.
  4. We do not need to declare variables.
  5. Python has a for else loop in loops which is not in C.
  6. Python does not have the concepts of pointers and it also lacks the switch statement.
  7. Memory allocation is done automatically by python virtual machines.
  8. Python doesn’t support multidimensional arrays. To use them we need to import.
  9. The variables in the for loop increment automatically.
  10. It is interpreted language.
  11. In Python, code is first compiled to a byte code, and then it is interpreted by a large C program.
  12. There are a large of built-in functions available.
  13. Python is dynamically typed.
  14. Python programs are saved with the .py extension.
  15. Python is much easier than C.
  16. Basic if statement in python is represented as

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