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Facebook App bidding 2021: Full guide & Documentation about App Bidding

Facebook App bidding  2021: Full guide & Documentation about  App Bidding

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Everything about Bidding process: Enhance Your Bidding Process Method

Discover more about why the application bidding process can help you earn extra profits, identify metrics to determine success, and also optimize your outcomes.

Facebook App bidding 2021: Full guide & Documentation about App Bidding

Why application bidding process?

App bidding allows application organizations to supply every ad possibility to multiple need sources– ad networks such as Target market Network, AdMob, and IronSource– at the same time through an open and impartial public auction. This way, application businesses obtain the best cost for each impression, increasing typical revenue per daily active customer (ARPDAU) without the complex setup and also price of falls upkeep.


Boost ad income

Every demand source proposals in an open real-time public auction, so you see even more competitors for your inventory. You do not need to set rate targets due to the fact that winning bids reflect the true optimum that the marketplace agrees to pay.

Enhance operational efficiency

The application bidding process saves time by getting rid of the need to maintain intricate falls. With the bidding process, each network needs just one positioning ID, which simplifies and frees resources efficiency assessment.

Facebook move your apps to Bidding 2021 test ads problem in bidding

There are fewer active in the bidding ad offering process, so advertisements fill faster. Bidding can decrease advertisement latency by 38-88% compared to waterfall ¹.

Facebook Audience Network will only use the bidding process to load ads in iPhone apps beginning on May 31, 2021, and in Android applications beginning on September 30, 2021. To proceed to generate income from Audience Network, relocate your apps from falls to bidding or begin with the bidding process by these days. This means that if you’re brand-new to Target market Network, you’ll have the ability to generate income from making use of app bidding, rather than waterfall.


When your app is real-time and also requesting advertisements via your mediation system, below are some ideas on how to maximize your bidding approach as well as make the best use of income.

Examine success with metrics that matter

From CPM to ARPDAU: a crucial way of thinking shift

The bidding process essentially changes just how ads are picked as well as provided. So, when you change to app bidding, you additionally move how you evaluate success.

You’ll know that network CPMs (cost per 1,000 impressions) is the primary success metric if you are used to using waterfall mediation. Load price and also general payout proportion are additional procedures. By comparison, ordinary income per day-to-day active user (ARPDAU) is the crucial metric in a bidding setting. This determines general revenue, not efficiency by a network.

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To assess bidding success, take a look at ARPDAU before as well as after you execute bidding. You may see the CPMs of some networks reduce. This decline usually indicates that the network previously had accessibility to only top-value customers because of a price of flooring and its position in the waterfall.

How to moves your app to bidding in Facebook audience network with Admob android

With bidding, the network has full access to all impressions. It could be winning lower-value customers, which may adversely affect CPMs but positively influences total ARPDAU.

That’s why it is essential to eliminate rate floorings for bidding networks. They may boost CPMs however they cause lost perceptions as well as reduce general advertisement income.


Develop auction density

The even more demand sources that are bidding throughout an auction, the better. At the very least three networks supply public auction thickness as well as optimize profits. To get the greatest price for all chances, call every bidder on every perception.

Build a clever hybrid setup

If you’re still accessing some need resources through falls, you can still make use of bidding at the same time with Audience Network by running what’s called a “hybrid setup” via your mediation partner. To understand their hybrid public auction configuration, check with your mediation partner.

What can you do to make sure a well-functioning crossbreed configuration?

1. Eliminate price floorings on bidding networks

Rate floors do not affect Audience Network quotes. The bidding rate is based on the impression as well as user examination. It does not consider any kind of minimum limit established by the author. So established rate floorings or cost targets just for static networks in the waterfall. If you make use of companion mediation, don’t establish a cost floor for the bidding process advertisement system or placement.

2. Send out win and loss notifications

Send out win, loss, billable, and timeout notices with proper loss codes. You can send out multiple loss notices, yet only one win notification for each quote.

3. Compare quote rate to loaded waterfall positionings

Contrast winning quotes to fixed networks only after verifying that the static network has a fill. Or else, you’ll be comparing the winning quote to the ordinary historical CPM, which you may not have made. Keep the following practices in mind with your hybrid setup:

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Ask for the adjustment if the bidder wins the auction

If you’re calling a network as a bidder in your real-time public auction, don’t call the exact same network in your falls.

How we define bidding performance metrics

The metrics that we utilize to measure bidding process performance vary from the metrics that we make use of to determine falls. There are meanings for metrics in the bidding control panel, and also information regarding just how we determine these metrics.

Think of the process as a funnel that goes from the bid request to the impression when you look at your dashboard.

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Bid requests

Bid requests are the requests that Audience Network gets for every impression opportunity. Check the partner reporting to make sure that they’re sending bid requests to Audience Network.

Bid price

Bid price is the number of times that Audience Network sends a quote response (an offer for a perception) to the bid request. Audience Network only responds to bids for accounts that have logged into and used Facebook.

Quote actions

Bid responses relate to the number of times that Audience Network responds to bid requests over a given period. Once Audience Network gets the bid, the bid goes into the auction.

Win price

Win rate is the percent of times that Target market Network was the greatest prospective buyer out of the total variety of proposal reactions throughout a public auction. Usage win rate as opposed to fill rate to assess how affordable Audience Network is versus various other demand sources. The higher your win rate, the more frequently Audience Network outbid various other need sources throughout an auction.

Ad demands

Ad requests happen when Audience Network wins the bidding process auction versus other bidding companions. The advertisement after that obtains cached on a tool to make sure that the person using that device sees the ad.

Fill rate

Fill up rate means that Target market Network efficiently returned the advertisement upon demand. This number ought to constantly be 99– 100%. If the fill rate drops listed below 100%, it’s possibly due to unexpected web loss or sluggish cellular networks making advertisements load also gradually.

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Impressions and impact price

When someone actually sees a cached ad, we record an impression. The perception price represents how often Target market Network shows the perception, contrasted to the variety of advertisements requested. A low perception price (less than 10%) causes performance concerns.

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How to implement AdMob rewarded ads in android studio | Earn money android app Here we are going to discuss how you can earn money using AdMob rewarded ads in android. Rewarded ads are very useful they give most of the earnings to you using your android app. So use AdMob rewarded ads in your android projects.


Why should I make the transfer to the app bidding process?

As Target market Network becomes a bidding-only platform for all iPhone as well as Android applications in 2021, authors are seeing countless benefits after making the change.

Right here are 3 of the top reasons to transfer to app bidding now:

High ARPDAU: Everyone needs resource bids in an open, real-time public auction, which means more competition amongst ad purchasers and also far better profits for you.

Improved effectiveness: The application bidding process gets rid of the problem of preserving waterfalls, so your group can concentrate on driving effect and also making excellent apps.

Better customer experience: There are fewer active in the bidding ad offering process, so ads can fill quickly.

Admob app open ads android studio. Admob earning in android apps

Admob app open ads android studio. Admob earning in android apps Here we are going to discuss how you can implement Admob open ads in your android app. Admob these open ads feature is very good to earn money using your android app.


Existing Audience Network authors


If you’re currently using Audience Network, migrating to bidding is basic and also calls for no changes to your application code or current configuration.

Step 1: Make it possible for

Most likely to your Partner Arbitration Control panel as well as make it possible for the bidding process. For a checklist of partners, go here.

Keep in mind: Some mediation companions already have bidding allowed. With others, you might need to reach out to sustain or an Account Supervisor to get triggered.

Step 2: Integrate

Most likely to your Monetization Dashboard. Under Integration, pick Bidding Integration.

Step 3: Migrate   

Select your arbitration companion as well as the app you would like to integrate. You’ll see a list of positionings. Move one placement of each kind over to bidding.

Note: You’ll require to configure your application with your arbitration companion and make sure that all pertinent SDKs and also adapters are mounted in your applications

Move the leading income or greatest CPM-targeted placement. To see your placement profits, click on Sight Placement Efficiency.


Complete Replicate and also paste the Positioning ID into the bidding process positioning or ad unit in your mediation system. Your mediation companion needs to automatically begin sending out quote requests to Target market Network.

Congratulations! You have successfully moved your very first application to bidding with Audience Network. Now you can remain to move your various other apps utilizing the same process.

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Fortunate Kat, a video gaming studio in the Netherlands, intended to find new ways to additional optimize their time and also sources. Knowledgeable about the possibility to boost ARPDAU with the app bidding process, Lucky Kat wanted to evaluate if they can also conserve time on waterfall management. They adopted bidding in April 2020 with Facebook Audience Network utilizing arbitration partner Ironsource. They initially ran a collection of A/B examinations on their video games Nom Plant and also Roadway Collision with compensated video clips and also interstitial advertisements on both iPhone and also Android for one week. After seeing positive outcomes, they expanded to mostly all of their inventory and currently begin each new game off with an app bidding process as a requirement.

” Bidding has actually boosted our performance, allowing us to focus on the rest of our falls which consists of networks that do not support bidding process. It also boosted our average eCPM and also keeps our ARPDAU steady, calling for less changes to the waterfall.”

Advanced App Bidding Process Tips and Tricks

Audience Network will only utilize bidding to load advertisements in iphone apps beginning on May 31, 2021, and in Android applications starting on September 30, 2021. This blog post is part of a series to assist you shift your applications to bidding process and start obtaining the advantages of higher ARPDAU, higher operational effectiveness as well as lowered latency.

It’s time to take a look at how you can fine-tune your implementation once you are up and running with app bidding. These innovative tips and techniques encourage on activities as varied as maintaining your SDKs up today and also assessing your quote price– which can all assist your bidding combination do at optimal efficiency.

Move your apps to bidding in Facebook audience network iron source

Iron source bidding with Facebook audience network android studio Hindi Bidding is now required in Facebook audience network so here in this video, we are going to see that how we can integrate Iron source with Facebook audience network using bidding by using bedding you can earn more revenue in your ad network so bidding is a very good system for earning money using your Android apps. Admob ads having lots of issues so the alternative that we are going to use is Ironsource we have another alternative also we can use. But I think the iron source is better than others.


Boost Facebook BiddingQuote Rates

Step 1: Find your quote rate

Quote rate picture The bid rate is the percentage of your inventory that had networks bidding to fill it. Go to your home’s Facebook Audience Network Money Making Supervisor (MoMa), and also pick Bidding.

  • The bid rate is measured on a scale from 0% to 100%:.
  • High is above 60%.
  • Medium is in between 30% and also 59%.
  • Reduced is listed below 30%.

Step 2: Analyze your quote rate and also no proposal reasons.

No Quote Reasons illustration A no proposal message is an error which suggests proposals are not being positioned. To discover the major factors your quote demands were not loaded by Facebook Audience Network, click Proposal Price. MoMa will show you the primary no proposal reasons.

Step 3: Want to improve your proposal price.

Right here are some activities you can require to assist improve your bid price, depending on your No Proposal Factor.

No Proposal Reason: No Facebook account located.

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Suggested Actions

Provide or promote a technique that permits individuals to easily log right into Facebook or develop a Facebook account. Examples are text or Facebook logins.

Protect against users that disable advertising tracking from making proposal demands.

Acquire new Facebook users with Facebook advertisements to boost the variety of application individuals with a Facebook profile. No Quote Reason: Application not downloaded from Google Play Shop or Application Store. If you are testing, ensure your tool is provided as a test device, or you are following our test directions.

Make certain your application bundle has not been uploaded to an un-approved application shop.

Testimonial your advertisement placement settings in both the MoMa control panel and your arbitration partner’s control panel to guarantee the ad display styles are consistent.

If you see the no-quote factor Couldn’t Locate Pertinent Advertisement, there may be a variety of reasons: potentially this is a new customer, or it might be that your filters are obstructing potential sources of the advertisement income. Take a look at your configuration or method for feasible causes.

AND ALSO: Constantly make certain you are running the most up-to-date Target market Network SDK version. Older versions can additionally create no proposal actions – see Maintain your SDKs approximately date for details.

Analyze your advertisement networks

Recognize the worth of each network making use of the analytics on your arbitration partner’s control panel. Remember to section by variables like ad layout and also location, due to the fact that it may be that your winning network is different depending upon advertisement kind, area, or various other aspects.

And also in addition to seeking your winning network, examine ARPDAU to analyze your total efficiency – and also aid increases your public auction thickness. By adding more bidding process networks to your profile, you can improve the competition for your inventory.

Usage blocking moderately

By enabling even more ad groups to appear, you can expand your possible profits because more marketers can bid on your application’s stock. If you need to, disable certain subcategories without overclocking.

Step 1: Open Monetization Supervisor
Money-making Supervisor image Go to your residential property’s Facebook Audience Network Monetization Manager, and also pick Blocking.

Step 2: Select Categories
Monetization Supervisor Categories illustration.

Step 3: Seek subcategories
Subcategories image Keep in mind that some groups have drop-down lists, with subcategories. By great adjusting your selections, you guarantee maximizing your prospective ad profile.

Keep your SDKs updated

SDKs might introduce support for new demand resources, or enhancements in the method advertisements are made – keeping your bidding approach fresh as well as your user experience vivid.

To inspect your applications are running the most recent SDK, in Moneymaking Supervisor pick Integrations -> SDK.

iOS SDK 14 and later on individuals, see to it that.

You upgrade or install to Target market Network SDK variation 6.2.1 or later on.

You established the setAdvertiserTrackingEnabled flag as well as include the required SKAdNetwork IDs to your arrangement.

Inspect your execution

Make sure you wait on the partner and Target market Network SDKs to finish booting up prior to sending out a quote request. Refraining so can trigger bid demands to be misshaped when received by Audience Network, and look like an Unknown system in your control panel (so you won’t understand if they’re iPhone or Android).

If initialization is complete before sending a request, many mediation partners provide the ability to check. Examine their documents for details.

And also, most mediation partners have tools that assist you to debug your application – and ensure you’re maximizing the advertisement networks you are getting to.

5 Ways to Uplevel Your Bidding Process Success.

Target market Network will just make use of bidding to fill ads in iOS apps starting on May 31, 2021, as well as in Android applications starting on September 30, 2021. This post becomes part of a series to help you change your apps to the bidding process as well as start obtaining the benefits of higher ARPDAU, better functional performance, and lowered latency.

You’ll want to make sure that your integration continues to exceed your fill and revenue targets once you’ve integrated app bidding. Below, learn how to adjust your bidding process strategy. With a few adjustments, you can uplevel your bidding success.

1. Choose the appropriate ad layout

Awarded video clip. Path to castle illustration. Compensated video clip takes your customer via an immersive, full-screen advertisement experience – as well as supplies a reward for each completed video view. You can make use of awarded video with Facebook Audience Network if.

Your games are active in Monetization Manager. You have compensated video ad inventory in your video game which meets our technological demands.

Have a look at some finest techniques for the compensated video below.

Interstitial Ads

Mobile game illustration. Interstitial ads are made use of during a natural break in the user flow of your app, permitting you to develop a seamless individual experience. Interstitials on Audience Network have actually been designed to be a high-grade experience for customers, with low latency. See some ideal practices for interstitial advertisements right here.


Native Ads

Native ad picture. Native advertisements are custom-made to fit seamlessly with your application. They blend in naturally with your interface if done well.

Optimize the efficiency of your indigenous ads by choosing the right flow kind, which is when an ad is shown in the customer experience. See some common flow types below. Sight some finest methods for indigenous ads below.


Banner Ads

Banner ad image. Banners are image-only ads that offer you adaptable positioning choices. Learn some finest techniques for banner advertisements right here. Call the optimum number of networks. It is very important to deal with multiple networks, which can.

Increase competition for ad inventory.

Increase ARPDAU:- Optimize profits. Naturally, even more, networks can sometimes mean even more functional overhead. In deciding on the optimal number of networks, think about factors such as.

App user account – hardcore, informal, social gambling establishment, etc

Diversity of advertisement units – do you utilize one, 2, or more kinds?

The volume of users (impressions and also Daily Energetic Customers) – watch on the metrics.

2. Distribution of users across locations – regional or global?

Each network has different strengths. Some networks have stronger performance in specific countries or regions, while others have stronger performance in a specific ad unit.

If you have only one ad type and the large majority of your users are located in one region, a minimum of 3 networks is fine. If you have a wider range of ad types and your users are spread across a number of regions, you may need to call up to 8 networks, or even more.

3. Choose the right ad networks

Choosing multiple networks improves your fill rate and increases ARPDAU. But how do you know which ad networks are the right ones for you?

Performance depends on your bidding goals, but here are some useful measures you can look to track in your mediation partner’s dashboard.

Fill rate – the percentage of ad requests that get filled by the ad networks you’re working with.

ARPDAU – Average Revenue Per Daily Active User. A breakdown of performance at different times during the day. You can also analyze users to drive your bidding strategy.

User acquisition – the number of new users gained by your app.

Activity analysis – how, when, where, and who.

LTV – Lifetime Value, the projected revenue a customer generates during a lifetime.

4. Aim for a great user experience

Increased ARPDAU is only of value if your user has a great experience with the ads in your app.

Things to think about include

Choose your moment – ads that feel organic to the experience are more likely to get noticed and less likely to annoy your visitors.

Focus on ad quality – the better the ad and the more relevant the content, the more likely a user is to click again in the future.

Make sure the ad suits your audience – filter out ads from specific sources or age ratings that don’t suit your app’s profile.

Latency – bidding generally has better loading times than waterfall, but it still pays to optimize. Work with partners to optimize site latency.

5. Use your mediation partner’s know-how

A good ad mediation partner should offer guidance in terms of which ad networks to work with and how many, and what the preferred ad formats might be for your bidding strategy.

They can also-

Help grow your revenue – tips on ad placement, frequency and rewards could all contribute to your bidding success.

Show you how to use their dashboard effectively. Partners can deliver important insights that feedback into your bidding strategy: retention rate, fill rate and revenue.

Enable you to become an early adopter of new features or insights.

Best of all, keeping lines of communication open with the right partner can help free up your time to focus on developing your apps.

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Facebook Audience Network will only use bidding to fill ads in iOS apps starting on May 31, 2021, and in Android apps starting on September 30, 2021. To continue monetizing with Audience Network, move your apps from waterfall to bidding or get started with bidding by these dates. To evaluate bidding success, look at ARPDAU before and after you implement bidding. Compare winning bids to static networks only after confirming that the static network has a fill. They adopted bidding in April 2020 with Facebook Audience Network using mediation partner Ironsource.


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