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How To Monitor Your Computer’s GPU Temperature [2022 Guide]


In this article, you will learn how to monitor your computer’s GPU temperature. A GPU is short for graphics processing unit and it is a key component in your computer that manages the graphics on the screen. When the GPU overheats, it can lead to a variety of errors, crashes, and other problems. To minimize any risks associated with high heat, make sure to properly monitor and manage your PC with these tips!

The GPU is used for the graphics of a computer. It is different than a CPU (central processing unit) because it’s not just used for operating systems and applications. The GPU helps to display 3D images and games in real time. If you have a problem with your GPU, there are many things you can do before contacting a professional technician to help you.

How To Monitor Your computer’s GPU Temperature

Keeping your computer’s GPU temperature in restraint is the key to obtaining the most effective visual performance out of your graphics card. Here’s how you monitor it.

Your GPU temperature obtaining too high is proof of a lot of serious issues developing beneath the hood.

Therefore, it’s crucial to stay in restraint, particularly once your GPU is placed beneath heaps of strain, for instance, once running resource-heavy games. Here’s the way to
monitor your GPU temperature.

By far, the best tool to ascertain your GPU’s temperature in Windows ten is found by firing up Windows Task Manager and jumping to the Performance tab. At the bottom of the list, you’ll notice your GPU listed with its temperature between brackets. Use this to ascertain your GPU temperature beneath an important gambling load, guaranteeing it is operating at or terribly about 100 percent utilization.


But this isn’t the most effective tool, as it’s troublesome to watch in-game. the instant you ALT + Tab out of a game, the GPU temperature drops forthwith, thus you won’t be
able to read a live reading like this unless you’ve got a second monitor, creating it troublesome to examine what your GPU’s temperature is like beneath load.

Why Should We Care About My GPU’s Temperature?

You may not see the fuss regarding how hot your computer is, however it’s crucial once you are gambling. that is as a result your graphics card does not work thus well once it’s operative above its suggested temperatures.

In fact, heaps of pc elements do not operate thus well once drug intense heat. However, the GPU especially finds itself obtaining hot heaps because of all the processing it will once you are gambling.

If your GPU starts obtaining close to or at its temperature limit, you will see a spread of negative aspects effects. Your game’s frame rate might plummet, and you will see weird visual errors called “artifacts,” and your computer might even bluescreen or freeze up.

So, what constitutes a “good” temperature? Well, every GPU has its own limits and suggested temperatures, thus it’s price taking a glance at your graphics card’s
documentation to examine however your own fares. However, hitting around 60-70ºC while you are gambling ought to be okay.

When to Check Your GPU Temperature

The GPU is the most powerful section of your computer, so it’s important to monitor it. When you’re playing a game or doing other intense things on your computer, the GPU may get too hot and throttle itself. If your computer suddenly shuts down due to overheating, it could be caused by an overheated GPU. Monitor the temperature of your GPU regularly with this guide from TechRadar.

Best ways in which to watch Your GPU Temperature

As mentioned earlier, AN warming GPU will cause some serious problems. fortuitously, their area unit has multiple ways in which to stay watch on the GPU temperature and make sure that it doesn’t cross that dangerous threshold.

Each of those choices has its own execs ANd cons and we hope to show you these to a tolerable degree to form a hip call.

What if the computer GPU Temperatures aren’t right?

If you discover that your GPU temperature runs at or on top of eighty-five degrees and its clock speed beneath load is below the publicized base clock, then there’s work to be done. The first thing to ascertain whether or not there’s enough flowing in your case and whether the dirt filters are clean.

At constant time, check the GPU’s heatsink for dirt buildup, and take away it if a gift. Clean your computer, reassemble it, and check once more.

If this doesn’t solve your GPU temperature downside, there’s a high probability of unhealthy contact between your GPU’s cooler and also the GPU’s core itself, either from a nasty install from the works or dry paste from adulthood.

Beneath significant use, thermal grease can begin to dry out and degrade when regarding 2 years, and from then on, it will cause important performance loss from regarding four years onward.

Keep in mind that disassembling a GPU could be a specialist procedure ANd is best done by somebody with an affinity for disassembling physics. If you’re not comfy taking physics apart and your GPU continues to be among its warrantee amount, your best bet is to send the cardboard to the manufacturer for repair or bring it to an area computer
hardware search.

How does a stress test Your GPU’s Temperature?

If you actually need to place your GPU through its paces, you’ll be able to transfer an assay program that puts an enormous strain on your graphics processor. If your GPU manages to
keep itself cool throughout the check while not unmitigated, it is a sensible sign that it will conjointly perform well throughout a diagrammatically intense game.

Heaven could be a fantastic tool for this. it is a 3D demo wherever a camera flies through a fantasy world that options some intense graphical scenes. you’ll be able to tweak the
settings to your feeling, then let the camera roll the beautiful landscape whereas your GPU gets an exercising. you’ll be able to track your GPU’s temperature and guarantee it keeps within acceptable limits while it renders.

If you’d rather skip the beautiful scenery and skip right to tormenting your GPU, strive for Furmark. do not let its simple-looking graphics fool you; despite trying simply to render, the ‘fur donut’ could be an immense exercise for your graphics card. the actual fact that Furmark with pride shows off a burn GeForce GTX 275 within the gallery ought to tip you off on the ability of this tool.

The manufacturer-Specific software package

Both AMD and NVIDIA have companion software packages for their graphics cards. this can be largely used for tasks like keeping your drivers up thus far and facultative some
additional performance-enhancing options specific to the individual whole.

Both NVIDIA associate degreed AMD have bundled an overclocking tool beside the drivers (you can want GeForce expertise for NVIDIA GPUs).

AMD’s resolution permits the user to regulate the fan speeds, clock speeds, and power delivery. there’s conjointly the choice for automatic overclocking.

NVIDIA was a small amount late to the party and their OC tool still isn’t nearly as good as AMD’s. there’s an associate degree ‘Automatic Tuning‘ choice to mechanically overclock the GPU clock speeds, however, there’s no choice but to bang yourself.

As each corporation has delivered some quiet overclocking tool with their drivers, they need conjointly superimposed a feature for performance observation.

Both observation tools deliver many data, as well as fan rate, memory clock, GPU clock, temperature, etc. If you wish for even a lot of knowledge than that, you should
consider third-party software packages.

Is my CPU temperature normal?

The computer’s GPU temperature can be monitored using the GPU-Z application. The first thing you should know is that high temperatures will often result in lower performance, so it is important to keep it below 80°C/176°F.

What if my GPU and CPU temperatures are the same?

If your GPU and CPU temperatures are the same, this might be a symptom of a faulty motherboard. If you hear an error code or see warning messages on your computer screen, you should invest in a new motherboard to resolve the issue.


Monitoring your GPU temperature is a way to see if it’s getting too hot for the computer. If it gets too high, you might need to do something about your card or computer. You might also want to monitor your GPU temperature when you’re doing a benchmarking test.



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