What is E-Commerce | 5 New Technologies Making Waves in the E-Commerce Sector

E-Commerce Businesses are always looking for new technologies that will help them grow their operations, and these technologies can now be found in the e-commerce sector. In this article, we will explore the 5 technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, etc.

We, the humanity, keep evolving then will the client at intervals United States. From hawking to outlets, to Baazar to Malls, and currently e-commerce, selling has taken numerous shapes in its ever-evolving avatar.

Its most up-to-date avatar is e-commerce which is growing from strength to strength, after all with some little bit of mixing from all sides. because of the quickly evolving selling insights supported by the changing and rising technology, e-commerce is growing and dynamic quickly to stay pace with the dynamic time or rather dynamic the time itself, very often.

E-Commerce sector

Technology is the backbone of e-commerce. Not solely will it facilitate connecting sellers and clients on mobile and net platforms, but also enables the effective management of client orders, deliveries, returns, and payments of purchased merchandise. In fact, technology plays an important role throughout the e-commerce price chain, in areas like enlisting, marketing, and advertising, among several others.

Technology additionally allows increased search, customization, and personalization, which square measure quick changing into “must-have” capabilities for e-commerce success. As technology becomes additional advanced and complicated over time, its role reaches vital levels of importance in the e-commerce price chain.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a technology that has the ability to improve efficiency in the use of transactions. The blockchain is a digital ledger, which allows users to make transactions without the need for a third party. The decentralized nature of the blockchain means that it cannot be tampered with or hacked. The transaction information is also secure and can’t be copied without permission from the user.

Comparison of blockchain vs. traditional transactions

The blockchain is a database containing information or records in a continuously growing list using chains of blocks

Benefits of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is the underlying technology that drives cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Blockchains are essential databases made up of blocks that contain records of transactions. This technology has been rapidly expanding in recent years, making it easier and faster to conduct transactions, as well as creating a secure and transparent means of managing data.

5 New Technologies Making Waves in the E-Commerce Sector

Here square measure the 5 rising technologies which will impact e-commerce the foremost.

1. Digital provide chain

Ensuring on-time delivery could be a key differentiating issue for corporations within the e-commerce house. The winning management of maximum market and spiked demand has, therefore, become the new focus space, optimizing the availability chain management method for these companies and taking part in a vital role in making certain economical and quicker delivery models. Technological innovations are enabling other vital areas of the availability chain, such as:

Port management (autonomous freight shuttle debuts), Inventory management (hack-proof RFID chips), Brand protection (invisible digital markers to assist fight counterfeit products),
Warehouse management (robot technology for cooperative machine-driven order picking),
Infrastructure (deploying drones to examine bridges), and Delivery (using drones to deliver shipments).

E-Commerce corporations are financing rising technology startups to realize a competitive advantage and maximize profits. Specifically, startups specializing in deposition and supply solutions square measure gaining traction as they provide nice automation opportunities to
e-commerce corporations. consistent with 2015 estimates, warehouse-focused corporations multiplied investments by V-day, crossing $1 billion in total investments.

2. Contactless payments

Contactless payments aren’t new; technologies like mobile payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay) or faucets and go are around for years. However, the pandemic has quickly accelerated this trend.

A poll by Mastercard found that almost half of customers globally (46%) “have swapped out their top-of-wallet card for one that provides contactless – this proportion climbs to fifty-two p.c among those beneath thirty-five years previous.” What’s additional eighty-two of respondents believed that contactless payments square measure a far cleaner thanks to paying.

Supporting contactless payments like Apple Pay wont to be nice to own. However, in 2020 and on the far side, they’re many table stakes.

If you haven’t done therefore nonetheless, upgrade your terminals or payment process, therefore, solutions so you’ll be able to begin acceptive contactless payments.

And make sure to unfold the word. Utilize all of your communication channels (i.e., email, social, in-person, etc.) to let customers understand your contactless initiatives. Encourage your customers to use these solutions; they provide a good thanks to limit contact,
thus keeping your customers and staff safe.

Social payments are another technological trend that’s creating e-commerce businesses to improve their ROIs, hugely. This works like a digital checking account wherever a social media user will either obtain merchandise on the platforms or from the web retailers that provide such payment strategies.

It’s in its early stage, however, brands like PayPal, Apple pay, Google notecase, Facebook payments, Twitter obtain, etc are acting on it and square measure bound to fill the gap additional productively.

3. Demand-driven foretelling

Anticipatory shipping is that the nighest e-commerce will come back towards psychic phenomena. Amazon proprietary a “method and system for antecedent shipping” in 2013.

This implies that, instead of simply hoping on tempting or reminding customers to repeat their purchases, Amazon is experimenting with a method that may predict a customer’s looking list and deliver the merchandise to their nearest fulfillment center.

Anticipatory shipping undoubtedly has the facility to avoid wasting the client loads of valuable time and energy as they’re unfettered from mundane tasks like buying home necessities and having to trip markets.

Although this development continues to be in its experimental stage, we will simply see its tumultuous potential ought to it’s enforced on an industry-wide scale. Such technologies have the potential to require knowledge analytics to the following level and permit corporations like Amazon to expand their client base manifold whereas enhancing client loyalty to a good degree.

4. Platforms that concentrate on virtual client engagement

In E-Commerce when the pandemic hit, Microsoft groups fully-fledged a 500+% growth in calls and conferences in China between Jan and March 2020.

That tells the United States as whereas individuals square measure going out less, their would like for human interaction is stronger than ever. This behavior has tremendous
implications however businesses ought to facilitate client interactions and communications.

Retailers will keep competitive by finding ways to attach with customers just about. Doing that may mean various things, depending on your whole. for a few retailers, one-on-one consultations work best. Others thrive on community events like categories or workshops.

Turn to your client base to work out the proper approach. From there, it’s a matter of looking for the school facet of things. You’ll adopt a reliable communication platform that permits you to carry events or sessions remotely.

Sometimes, that may be as straightforward as hopping on Instagram live. however, if you wish additional interaction or if your want to square measure complicated (i.e., guest registration, price tag sales, webinar moderation, etc.) then adopt a ticketing system like Eventbrite and webinar a platform like Zoom would be sensible to travel.

One complete that’s succeeding with virtual client engagement is Bluemercury, a cosmetics company that was noninheritable by Macy’s in 2015.

In response to the pandemic, Bluemercury quickly shifted its consultation ways to adopt remote technology.

As Marla gesture Bluemercury’s co-founder and chief govt explained to the Wall Street Journal:

The other attention-grabbing issue now is the use of technology to talk to purchasers. we tend to quickly switch to doing virtual consultations with our beauty specialists. Our purchasers have taken the United States of America into their loos and asked for recommendations in ways in which we’ve ne’er seen before.

They take their phones and show the United States of America their cosmetic cupboards. They show the United States of America the hairdryers they’re exploiting and that they raise real recommendations on a way to use what they have already got.

That relationship with our purchasers has become even additional intimate than it’s ever been and we’re ready to pair nearly.

Another attention-grabbing note? gesture thinks that this new client behavior is here to remain.

“All of our stores are open at once however purchasers are still requesting virtual consultations. We’ve additionally been ready to do loads of master categories with our feminine founders of brands and hit a scale we’ve ne’er seen before,” she told the WSJ.

“It wont to be you command master categories associate degreed you’d invite native purchasers to fulfill an enterpriser at a Bluemercury store in any town or Kansas or Washington, D.C. currently we tend to do categories online and acquire two hundred to four hundred purchasers on the decision. It’s a replacement behavior that’s been created
and that we get the scale from it.”

The bottom line? If you’re resisting technology that will enable you to attach with folks nearly, you will wish to rethink your position. whereas an honest chunk of customers can return to offline retail interactions once the lockdowns are over, a phase of
customers can possibly keep on with virtual platforms. you wish to confirm that you’re ready to serve each team.

5. Order management and fulfillment platforms

In E-Commerce Speed and suppleness are important, significantly once it involves order fulfillment. The retailers which will succeed are those who will get products onto shoppers’ hands within the most convenient approach potential. this suggests giving services like same/next day
delivery moreover as in-store/curbside pickup.

Needless to mention, it’s essential to own a listing management and order fulfillment platform that allows these capabilities.

Your stock management and fulfillment system can look totally different, supporting your current school stack and processes. typically speaking, though, it helps to own one tightly-integrated platform for managing your sales, products, and orders across all of your sales channels.

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When you’re commerce and fulfilling through totally different channels, having one supply of truth is essential.

How does SAP HANA, a predictive machine learning engine, help our customers?

SAP HANA is a predictive machine learning engine that helps our customers leverage their data, enabling them to make better-informed decisions. SAP HANA is able to provide predictive analytics and insights on customer behaviors, provide best-in-class recommendations for products, and predict the right time to act.

Biggest trends in retail

The e-commerce industry is constantly evolving and is driven by new technologies. The four biggest trends in the industry are cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile commerce, and voice commerce. Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods Market is a prime example of how these four trends are driving change in the retail sector.


Next time you’re online, you might notice some big changes in your web browsing e-commerce experience. First of all, there’s the new Amazon Go store, which is located in Seattle and has no cash registers and no checkouts.

Instead of using a cashier to scan items as they go out of stock and re-order them every time something sells out, Amazon Go uses “deep learning algorithms” to track items in its inventory. And technology is continuing to advance at a rapid pace – with 4 new technologies just making waves in the e-commerce sector today.

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