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Shopify Vs WordPress | Which is Best For You in 2022?

Shopify and WordPress are two of the most popular platforms for creating a website. It can be hard to distinguish these two platforms without knowing what they each offer in terms of features and services. In this article, we’ll be able to know the differences between Shopify Vs WordPress. So that you’re able to make a decision on which platform is best for your site.

Key Difference Between WordPress and Shopify

Shopify Vs WordPress, Shopify is a web-based platform that helps entrepreneurs build, grow and monetize their online businesses. From simple e-commerce software to stores with dozens of SKUs, Shopify has a solution for any business idea.

WordPress is an open-source blogging tool that allows bloggers to create content on their own websites or blog. It is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world and runs on multiple platforms including Web, LAMP/WAMP, UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OSX operating systems.

Shopify Vs WordPress | Difference between Shopify and WordPress

Shopify Vs WordPress, the most difference between Shopify and WordPress is that Shopify is an internet tool/service, whereas WordPress is complete computer code that you simply
need to install yourself.

In order to use Shopify, all you have got to try to do is head to associated register to form an account. Once done, you simply got to undergo a fast setup, and your
the eCommerce store is up and running.

Whenever you select to form an internet store on Shopify or WordPress, it’s still a wise option to begin marketing on multiple channels. you’ll drive a lot of sales revenues moreover as reach immense potential customers if you sell on the highest world marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy.

Selecting an acceptable multi-channel selling tool can assist you to manage and synchronize information effortlessly among one dashboard. Why not provides it a try?


Before going to the kernel, let’s take a glance at the slightest degree the variations between Shopify vs WordPress.

Now, let’s dive into the elaborate comparison between Shopify vs WordPress to seek out which one is appropriate for you!

#1 Pricing of Shopify Vs WordPress

How much will it value to use Shopify Vs WordPress? once it involves comparing Shopify vs WordPress, there square measure heaps of things that you’re going to got to contemplate, from the ease of use and client support to theme and choices. However, one of the foremost vital initial issues for any business is what quantity a chunk of computer code prices.

Shopify evaluation

The first side we’d like to mention in our Shopify vs WordPress comparison is evaluation.

Besides themes, add-ons, or extensions, Shopify arrangement is the most significant issue after we calculate Shopify fees.

If you have got the budget to pay direct, don’t hesitate to get an associate annual or biennial to arrange as you’d lay aside twenty.

More significantly, Shopify offers a 14-day free trial for you to get the Shopify dashboard and skill yourself.

Besides Shopify evaluation plans, you’ll get to buy a website (which begins at $14/year) and a further fee for every group action. just in case you employ Shopify Payments, you’re alleged to pay thirty cents and a MasterCard rate from a pair of.4% to 2.9% per group action.

On the opposite hand, the extra group action fees applied for different payment ways is starting from zero.5% to twenty reckoning on the arrangement you select. you’ll be able to browse more on our analysis of Shopify evaluation here for a lot of data.

WordPress evaluation

Before reaching out to compare any, let’s a cowl, however, varies from (fully comparison of vs the largest
difference between the 2 programs is who’s really hosting your website. you have got full management of your website, which implies that you simply and your hosting supplier square measure chargeable for your WordPress installation. they’ll beware of all of that for you. it’ll rely upon value and practicality, and you have got to work out if offers what you need. as a result, is an ASCII text file and is 100% free for anyone to use.

All you would like maybe a name and internet hosting. It additionally means you would like to try and do backups, security updates, and any upgrades that square measure necessary yourself.

Like different hosted solutions, offers numerous plans that users will register for and people plans typically dictate what form of the name is obtainable.
Its hosting service has five plans as follows:

For users that don’t need to buy something, their website can reside on a subdomain of WordPress. for instance, a free domain is going to be one thing like

And for people who do pay, you’ll be able to get a custom name to use on your website. Every plan, even the free one includes an associate SSL certificate pre-installed, and free
themes (about a dozen or so). Besides, all paid plans embrace Email and Live chat support and a free domain for a year.

#2 Easy Use Shopify Vs WordPress

Shopify Easy Use

We’ve spent heaps of your time talking concerning the evaluation and price of Shopify vs. WordPress. However, there is a lot of to associate with eCommerce site-building tools than their value.

Now’s the time to appear at what every supplier will do to assist you style and remodeling your website.

If you’re spick-and-span to the globe of online marketing, then any e-commerce answer goes to come back with a learning curve. whether or not you choose a WordPress website
and WordPress hosting, otherwise you like the Shopify arrangement, you’ll get to believe that one is going to be best for you to use.

Starting with Shopify, the issue that basically makes a distinction with this eCommerce website tool is the indisputable fact that it had been engineered for one issue, and one issue solely.

Difference between Shopify Vs WordPress, Shopify is not meant for another purpose on the far side of online store creation and group action management. In different words, you are coping with a specialist.

To start mistreatment Shopify, you would like to register for an associate account, however, that does not take terribly long. Plus, there is the choice to do Shopify free of charge for fourteen days if you’re not positive you would like to decide on it over WordPress nonetheless. The free trial means you’ll be able to place each Shopify vs Woocommerce and WordPress hosting to the check if you select to.

To start victimization Shopify, you wish to register for an associate degree account, however, that does not take terribly long. Plus, there is the choice to undertake Shopify for complimentary for fourteen days if you’re not certain you wish to decide on it over WordPress however. The free trial means you’ll place each Shopify vs Woocommerce and WordPress hosting to take a look at if you decide to.

When you log into your Shopify account, you will find a large form of tools that are all utterly settled to assist you to create the foremost of your digital store. Whether you are looking for versatile settings, coupons, discounts, or payment delivery systems, Shopify has you coated. there is conjointly the choice to import information from CSV files and email promoting tools.

Shopify comes with access to a large marketplace too, wherever you’ll realize all the additional practicality that you just ought to very build your store stand out. For
instance, you’ll catch promoting and SEO tools, inventory management services, social media buttons, product sourcing solutions then far more.

There are even integrations with accounting tools if you wish to facilitate following your taxes. what is additional, there aren’t any committal to writing skills needed to use something from Shopify. You can begin taking MasterCard payments in no time, and Shopify offers one of the best go-cart and payment gateways on the market too.

WordPress simple Use

WordPress wasn’t designed specifically for the creation of online stores like Shopify. Instead, the tool is meant to assist you to create an internet site of any kind
online. It will do this in many ways that, by supplying you with open and versatile tools and plugins supposed to remodel your website.

Since each and operate in a WordPress software system, they run in an exceedingly kindred method. you’ll use it to launch blogs, company websites, landing pages, online stores, and portals that imply the necessity for user registration.

The back end is easy and clean, and everything on the dashboard is straightforward to use. on the left facet of the page are the assorted content areas of the location as well because the settings will be manipulated. There’s completely absolute confidence in wherever you’ll head to customize your style, originate social sharing, or add a new diary post.

WordPress positively offers today’s eCommerce leaders some way to form engaging online stores, however, you are going to want some developer background to essentially get
the most out of all the options. Newbies can have a tough time mastering all the functions, which implies that it may take longer for you to require your business

#3 Theme style & Customizability of Shopify Vs WordPress

Now we tend to come back to creating your website to look sensible with either Shopify or WordPress. After all, you may have the simplest name, access to Paypal payments, and
even associate degree SSL certificate, and you continue to won’t get sales if your website doesn’t look sensible.

There’s clearly plenty additional to a good website than appearance alone. However, anyone World Health Organization has visited a shoddy trying website in the past and directly hit the rear button can understand those aesthetics and build a distinction to your success as a business owner.

Shopify Themes

Moving to follow a part of the Shopify vs WordPress comparison, let’s take a glance at store style and customizability.

If you want to form your online store look higher than the remainder, examine the Shopify Theme Store. Shopify offers seventy-one professionally designed themes, all of which are mobile-ready. All Shopify themes escort a holistic list of customizations you’ll build while not having to touch a line of code (e.g. colors, fonts, or social media buttons).

Besides, Shopify permits users to access and edit the ASCII text file victimization Liquid committal to writing language. With Liquid, you’ll presumably modify the present Shopify
template or layout furthermore as add the new one.

Not like the standard HTML/CSS languages, Liquid may be a bit completely different. it’ll take it slow to accommodate or rent a Shopify technical professional to try and do it for you.

WordPress Templates

There are plenty of themes on Some are free et al. ar premium they value money, and you’re affected by the themes they permit. However, the Business arrangement provides access to all or any of the foremost common WordPress themes.

With, you’ll modify the body page (the center part) like dynamic colors, uploading the brand, dynamic the background, or making stunning sliders. additionally, you don’t have direct access to the HTML supply and sections of your page unless you add Custom CSS to the location with the Premium arrange or higher. contains a vast truckload of templates. it’s far better customization choices. you’re ready to edit the ASCII text file as you please. Plus, you can even use plugins that allow you to build an issue yourself through drag-and-drop tools. You’ll conjointly rent WordPress specialists to supply a totally bespoke website design for you.

#4 SEO options

Search Engine improvement is a vital part of keeping any business website running swimmingly. After all, if you do not have nice visibility within the search results, you are going to struggle with sales and traffic. whereas you’ll be able to use paid advertising to build up your sales, SEO is sometimes the best thanks to maintain results in the long run.

Whether you’re building your website with BigCommerce, Wix, Shopify, or a WordPress plugin, your strategy for chatting with search engines is crucial for long-term growth. It’ll facilitate customers to search out a variety of merchandise on your website, and it may boost your name too.

Shopify SEO

The platform features favorable SEO practicality to make content that search engines would love. No special skills are necessary. Users are able to edit meta titles and descriptions, add 301 redirects, modify page URLs, and more. after you add merchandise, Shopify even prompts you with SEO best practices.

Besides, Shopify comes with a good variety of apps and add-ons that assist you to optimize your store further and guarantee its ranking on search engines like Google or Bing. If discovering an appropriate app is simply too tough, why don’t you are taking a glance at our recommendations regarding the simplest Shopify SEO apps for your consideration?

One of the most drawbacks of victimization on the Shopify platform is that they need a preset ordered structure that your website and URLs have to be compelled to follow. Therefore, if you would like your website to be absolutely optimized, having the management of your website structure and the ability to make custom URLs is crucial.

Also, you’re unable to make a subcategory of the basis blogs. Instead, you’ll have to be compelled to produce a replacement class altogether. This creates multiple URLs for the
same page, resulting in additional issues.

However, you’ll be able to overcome this problem by discovering and applying appropriate SEO tips and tricks for your store. Let’s take a glance at eight effective eCommerce
SEO methods that we’ve compiled as your reference.

WordPress SEO

the SEO options are pretty basic, however reliable. You’ll be able to access things like SSL to stay your website secure and convince Google that you just need to be at the front
of the search listings. in addition, XML sitemaps are mechanically created for you, as ar 301 redirects if a page does not work, otherwise, you modify a reputation.

SEO is one of the foremost necessary sides that WordPress focuses on, as it’s principally a blogging platform.

That’s most likely why you get the Jetpack necessities options with any rating arranged even free ones with

Jetpack necessities a series of options to assist optimize your website and shield it from spam comments provide some SEO and social-sharing tools further as performance tools that became a vital ranking issue. You won’t have way more management over your SEO unless you’ve got the Business to arrange and might begin installing different SEO plugins like Yoast SEO.

#5 Client Support and Steering of Shopify Vs WordPress

Customer support and steering are areas that are straightforward to overlook once you are investing in a very new tool for the primary time. You assume that you will learn the way to
use a system pretty quickly, therefore client service will not be necessary. However, it is often smart to grasp that help is offered after you want it.

Shopify client Support

Shopify is maybe one of the simplest eCommerce website builders out there for client support. after you get a thought, you get support enclosed as commonplace. Email
and phone support is offered for everybody however customers on the Shopify light arrange.

If you are with the light package, you simply get chat and email support – that is still enough to urge the fundamental help that you just want.

Shopify conjointly features a handy facilitate center and a spread of community forums that you just will flick thru to urge answers to your queries. All-in-all, the service is really easy to urge the droop of with all the support solutions.

WordPress Support

It is necessary to know that the support offered for the free version of is self-guided. Solely the paid plans with accompany good support, which may be a robust incentive for merchants to decide on their plans. after you pay a monthly subscription fee, you get email support, and live chat, depending on however high your tier is.

Except for the official support channels, you’ll realize a wealth of recommendations and
tutorials on WordPress-related topics online. In the same manner, you’ll be able to conjointly encounter multiple texts and video manuals, tips, and tutorials compiled by different system users.

What Makes Shopify Better than WordPress?

The main reason why Shopify is better than WordPress is that it has a much higher security level. Shopify uses 256-bit encryption, which means your information is safe from hackers when you are using the platform. Furthermore, Shopify also offers you a free SSL cert for your site. This allows people to feel more secure about making purchases on your website.

Why Shopify is a Great Option for Your Business?

One of the greatest benefits of using Shopify is how easy it is to set up and manage your store. With WordPress, you will have to manually upload all your products, set up and configure everything yourself, and use a plugin like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.

What are the Best Features of Shopify?

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform that provides features such as social media integrations, store analytics, and marketing automation. Unlike WordPress, which is typically referred to for blogging, Shopify also allows users to create mobile apps that are available on the iOS or Android app stores.


Shopify Vs WordPress, Shopify is an e-commerce solution and WordPress is a content management system. Shopify makes it easy to set up an online shop, while WordPress allows users to manage all the pages on their website.

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