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Difference between Java and Python

In this Post you know the Difference Between Java and Python and also know about the Introduction of Java and Python.

What is Java Introduction

Java Introduction:- Java is a class-based high-level object-oriented programming language. It is invented by James Gosling and Sun microsystems in 1991. Ha had a single motto while creating the language, it was “Write Once, Run Anywhere”. This means that the code would have to be written only once, but it could be used anywhere.

They named this language “Oak” because of the Oaktree Gosling’s office. Later, it was named “Green”, then “Java Coffee” which was named after the coffee from Indonesia, and finally to “Java” in 1995.

Java and Python

Java is a high-level programming language that is easy to learn and understand. Java is popularly used in the console, graphical user interface and the mobile applications, web, game development and also make embedded systems.

What is Python Introduction

Python Introduction:- Python is a powerful and general programming language, developed by Guido Van Rossum(1989). Guido Van Rossum developed a python language at Mathematical Research Institute called ‘CWI’.

Most people are calling python a scripting language because the way of developing python applications and execution of python applications is similar to that of scripting languages.

Difference between Java and Python


-> Statically Typed and faster than python

-> Dynamically typed and slower than java


-> Java legacy systems are typically larger and numerous

-> Python has a fewer legacy problem


-> Longer lines of code when compared to python

-> Shorter lines of code when compared to Java


-> Most popular and widely used database

-> Access layers are weaker than Java’s JDMC


-> Java has a large no of frameworks

-> Python has a lower no of frameworks.

Practical Agility

-> Java is popular for mobile and web applications

-> Python is popular for Data Science, ML, AI, and IoT


-> Java is a compiled language
-> Java is an object-oriented programming language
-> Java is statically typed
-> Semicolon is compulsory after each statement

-> Python is an interpreted language
-> Python is a scripting language
-> Python is dynamically typed
-> Semicolon is optional

Final word

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