Home Software How to Check Website Traffic 5 Best Free Tools Check and Analyze Any Website

How to Check Website Traffic 5 Best Free Tools Check and Analyze Any Website

How to Check Website Traffic 5 Best Free Tools Check and Analyze Any Website

In this blog, we are going to read how to check website traffic and which are the 5 most important free tools to check website traffic.

What is website traffic and what is its importance?

Website traffic is the technical term traffic means the number of people visiting a website in a period. The amount of visitors depends on the content of the website more than the quality of content will be the visitors and it also depends on how well a website is optimized.


  • Website traffic helps in creating a lead for its customer.
  • You also can earn loyal customers for your business if your content is powerful because one’s a reader finds content useful he will also visit your website in the future.
  • It has high power to boost your business growth it also helps to get AdSense on your website

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Different types of website traffic

  • Organic traffic– It is defined as the number of people visiting a website through Google search is called organic traffic.
  • Direct traffic- In direct traffic people came directly to your website by putting your website URL in the search bar.
  • Referral traffic- In this type of traffic a visitor comes to your website through backlinks that are generated on a third-party website.
  • Email marketing- In email marketing website owners purchased some emails from different companies and send emails related to their business to those IDs to get leads for their business.
  • Social media- We can also pull traffic from social media by uploading posts from time to time and sharing links to the website on the description.
  • Paid traffic- This traffic is generated by Google ads as a user clicks on an ad website admin gets money according to PPC (pay per click) method.

5 free tools through which we can measure website traffic

Similar web

The similar web is an online tool that is free to use it is used to get the result of the total amount of traffic different types of website has in this tool we also compare different websites’ traffic, and rankings this tool also provides information of our competitor website also we can get the knowledge of public interest.

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Uber Suggest

Uber suggest is the perfect solution designed to help in keyword research, help in finding SEO-friendly keywords using these keywords helps in your content marketing, and also provides information on competitor traffic.

This platform is available in both free and paid versions.

The free version only permits a user to visit only 3 websites a day whereas a paid version gives freedom to visit a good amount of websites.

You can check traffic simply by putting the website domain name into the search result of the uber suggest home page.

Sitechecker Pro

It is a type of cloud-based search engine optimization (SEO) platform that works best for small to medium business enterprises with on-page SEO, helps in finding the best keywords also useful in backlinks tracking.

It is different from other SEO audit tools available in the market which only provides limited data while site checker pro also works on a huge amount of data properly its highly excellent performance makes it a good choice for website owners as well as for small-scale businesses.

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Se ranking

It is software that included all SEO tools which are useful in completing any type of online project SE ranking is very useful for small business enterprises it is also a cloud-based platform. It helps in monitoring all keywords you choose in real-time.

It also provides the freedom to limit the search according to country and city. Its accuracy is nearly 100% for finding keywords ranking.


Semrush is popularly known for doing keyword research, helps in Google Ad optimization, and is also a backlink checker with the help of this tool, you can easily recognize patterns and trends in your niche. It helps in adjusting the technical elements of your website which helps in better search engine positioning.

Semrush is trusted by many of the big companies including Quora, and eBay. Semrush main focus is on external data and it also helps in analyzing your competitor’s website.


While it is necessary to check your competitors’ traffic. It is equally important to check the traffic of your website also. For this purpose, we have many free tools which can be very helpful in growing traffic to your website and also help in business growth.


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