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What is LIC and LIC Plan क्या है?

LIC and LIC Plan क्या है?

LIC and LIC Plan क्या है?– Hy, Friends welcome in this very interesting blog about LIC before we sharing LIC Plan:- 5 Years Double Money 2021 you must to know about What is LIC and how its work and his all terms, rules & Condition, So without wasting time lets know about LIC and I hope this is very good for your knowledge and you like this post.

What is LIC and LIC Plan क्या है?

LIC is a short name and his full name is Life insurance corporation of India in India LIC also know as LIC India and So, let know a few related LIC information. If we want to understand this easy language, then insurance means a system in which anyone insurance company, the insurance company, guarantees compensation in kind of loss, sickness, accident, or death, this call insurance.

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Well, insurance has help after every sad event, but is very important for person when in crowded life, what happens no one knows anything have insurance your valuable things in right way done, it works like backup help for you.

Best LIC Plans

LIC PoliciesPlan TypeEntry AgeMaximum Maturity AgePolicy TermSum AssuredStatus
LIC New Jeevan AnandEndowment Plan18 years- 50 years75 years15 years-35 yearsMin- Rs.1,00,000Max- No upper limitActive
LIC Money Back 25 yearsMoney Back Policy13 years-45 years70 years25 yearsMin-Rs.1,00,000Max- No upper limitActive
LIC Jeevan AmarTerm Assurance Plan18 years- 65 years80 years10 years-40 yearsMin-Rs.25,00,000Maximum- No upper limitActive
LIC Jeevan UmangWhole Life Insurance90days(completed)-55 years100 years100 years minus(-) the age at entryMin- Rs. 2,00,000Max- No upper LimitActive
LIC Tech Term PlanTerm Assurance Plan18 years-65 years80 years10-40 yearsMin-Rs.50,00,000Max- No upper LimitActive

LIC Branches & Works

National Life Insurance of India was nationalized on September 9, 1956 Today, are more than 3 thousand branches in India throughout the year in debt and these branches are fully computerized and have more than 200 division offices of LIC and more than 10 offices across India. About Us And at same time, are more than 1100 satellite branches in India, here you will able to information related to LIC and more than 14000 premium points are open where can easily go and your premium points and more than 1200 Live plus offices.

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And as of date, there are 5 regional testing centers all over India as well as sales testing centers all India, more than 40 banks are associated with LIC and more than 50000 CLI’s and 100 more customer zones all over India and Is also similar.

Top 5 LIC Policy 2021 

So, dears viewers we share the best and top LIC Plan 2021 in the blog, information about the 5 best Policies of Life insurance of India in 2021 is given here you click on the link and watch this video for understanding.
1)- LIC Jeevan Labh:-Tap Now
2)-LIC Jeevan Umang:-Click Here
3)-Single Premium Endowment Plan:-Click Here
4)-LIC Jeevan Anand:-Tap Now
5)-LIC Jeevan Lakshay:-Tap Now

LIC Plans for 5 Years 2021

LIC Plans to provide different types of benefits to the customers and most of the life insurance company products and her all Term & Condition have come with long tenure and upper side I provide few names that are very good policy services, If you want to know more about Plans LIC then click on a link to understand 5best Policy details with full information.

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